More than 24 years of experience of manual welding TIG and MIG MAG welding process. We develop custom made racing exhaust systems for motorbikes and cars. We don’t have mass production. We are specialized for custom made products.
We started to work on developing and making welding jigs and fixtures for robot welding machines in 2008. All types of products of stainless steel grades: 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4541, 1.4571 which can be used in pharmaceutical industry and hospitals.

Special material: We do welding on Titanium, Inconel and Aluminium.

We are able to weld:

• Aluminium from 0.5 – 20 mm thickness,

• Stainless steel from 0.5 – 20mm thickness,

• Inconel HASTELLOY C-22 from 0.5 – 20mm thickness,

• Titanium from 0.5- 20mm thickness.

Welding gallery

What we offer and develop

We are developing tools and jig fixtures for manual welding TIG -MIG MAG
We are developing tools and jig fixtures for robot welding TIG MIG MAG and laser welding
We offer complete technology procedure and optimization for welding different parts for customer.
We offer support in technology of welding procedure.
We are the best with optimization of your products and technology of assembling. At the end they got out with better efficiency of production and increase of welding quality and decrease of production time.
We offer other control jigs fixtures. Like tools for control parts after welding.
We offer welding of sheet metal parts. Like stainless steel, aluminium, titanium.
We offer orbital welding as well up from 6mm to 115mm.
We offer Robot welding parts with MIG MAG and TIG welding process.

Developing and Welding of special parts for pharmaceutical and hospital equipment.

Tig Robot Welding

Mig Mag Robot welding

Orbital Welding


Grinding and polishing

Pickling (chemical cleaning) with our partner

Electropolishing with our partner

Laser engraving

Our support for customers

We consult at robot welding for companies, who just started with robot welding.
We have many years of experience and we can check your product before invest in robot welding
We help to choose the right system for welding. So we expect the most suitable result.
We make and develop parts in right way that parts are directly ready to weld on the robot or by hand as well.
We make testing welding and develop right parameters for welding their parts.
We re design parts to be more efficient for welding .
We test and suggest solutions how to save more consumable materials in welding.
We are able to make various products on request of customers.

Welding jigs for all welding applications

We design and make for our customer welding jigs for different applications, tools for the automotive industry, tools for pharmaceutical industry equipment, tools for motorbike frames, tools for car parts, tools for truck parts. We develop and produce. Our experience makes your parts perfect.

Welding control - controlling jig fixtures

We are specialized to design and make controlling jig fixtures.


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