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As a student from 1995 I got passion to racing exhaust system and fall in love for that development and research. After that I tried to build exhaust system with nice sound and better power performance. 


2002 – 2005 When I finished school I started to work in one of the largest company for exhaust systems. I was working in tool process production department as a tool maker. After one year I progressed to CNC tube bending production and there I was bending tubes from stainless steel, titanium and inconel. There I’ve got a lot of experience about deforming stainless steel, titanium and inconel tubes. I wanted to research and develop some more. I moved to tube production. I was working on tube mill machine Olympia 80. We were making tubes of stainless steel, titanium and inconel. From there I got biggest experience of welding tubes of high quality materials as stainless steel, titanium and inconel.

2005 – received and offer to work for two USA companies for racing exhaust system. I was invited to see their production and I stayed for a while. After that I decide to continue working from home.

2005 – 2008 moved to work in small company where we build hardware for machine for thread rolling process. We run also a production of non standard threads. We were building and assembling machines for the German company. There I got experience for precise building machines. 

2008 – 2017 working for Swiss company as welding coordinator and developer for redesign of production stainless steel parts and equipment for pharmaceutical industry and hospitals.
I start with developing welding jigs for simple welding process for faster production. I develop a lot of welding tools – jigs which bring on good welding results and great quality of repeatability of parts. I start with simple tools and during the years I was capable to make extremely high tech tools for robot welding department. 
I was responsible for educating of approximately 40 welders for 9 years. I organized certification tests to improve knowledge. As visual testing controller I was in charge for the quality of the welding joints for the entire welding department. I was supervising and videoscope control of welded tubes installations for pharma equipment, and care for all material and welding documentation for pharma machinery and equipment.
All that years I was in charge for all investments in welding equipment.

2015 – 2017 decided to established my own company which was my dream from age 16. When I develop from the side from the work of my company everyday new racing systems and spend weekends and a lot of nights in my garage to improve the quality of the system and participate on races with my friend who was ready to support and test my systems. Specialized for development of racing exhaust system. 
2017 At the end of the year I decided to quit my job to became and start working just on my own ideas in my own company.

Our start up progress of company

2018 – Our company was certificated according to welding procedure of standard EN ISO 15614-1:2017 and welders certificate EN ISO 9606-1. We have also certificated staff for non destructive testing (Visual testing – level 2). 
We started for prepare for certificate ISO 9001. After 8 months we’ve got certificate 9001 from certification company Bureau Veritas. 
2018 – 2020 we mostly develop welding tools and jigs for robotic welding and run production for the automotive industry and welding stainless steel and aluminium parts on order. Mostly income we invest in high tech welding and production machinery and testing equipment. We are also making designs and redesign for the customers products.
2019 – we invested in licence of Autodesk Inventor Professional for best support of our work and support with our business partners.


ETAP Razvoj in inženiring, varjenje, servis Damjan Pate s.p.
Lastovče 42
8000 Novo mesto


ETAP Razvoj in inženiring, varjenje, servis Damjan Pate s.p.
Lastovče 42

8000 Novo mesto

Phone: +386 51 301 174

Email: info@etap-rd.com


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